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STAFIX® is a glue-free sticker material that adheres to almost any clean surface with a static charge. The material adheres on average for three months and is easy to apply and removable without leaving any residue.

3D and flip motion images are an advertising trend. Lenticular technology is a high-resolution imaging process that enables us to produce visual effects such as flip animations or 3D images.

In recent years, through significant advancement and experience in the field of UV printing processes and technologies, we have become a leading supplier in the national and international market of synthetic prints.



This novelty notepad doubles as a mouse pad. Each tear-off page features a calendar date list along the top edge. You might want to make a note of when you’re sitting at your keyboard. It’s a pad of paper that doubles as a mouse pad – so there’s always somewhere handy to make those notes, doodle those doodles and scribble those scribbles. And when you’ve filled up one page, simply tear it off, and there’s a fresh sheet underneath. You might want to make a note of that, too.

This card contains a simple pull paper mechanism that creates a flip-effect (image swap) when moved. There must be two image sources for the effect to be prominent. We will provide you with a cutter guide on which you will be able to apply your final design.

We give our experts space to develop creative ideas for you. The result: Innovations that will inspire you and your customers. Representing the newest achievement of or innovative department, a pull mechanism gadget, that consist of die-cut cover, 6-page content, and a Z-fold pull mechanism. Once you pull on the mechanism the content pages are moving. A detailed Cutter guide, together with exact instructions is provided together with order placement.

This simple innovation can be placed on different printing products. It unique die-cut shape allows the book marker to travel along with the book pages. Once the book is closed, you always know where you stopped reading.

Promotional Desk Pen Pots are ingeniously designed flat-packed pen holders, ideal for mailings. Takes up the same space as a coaster but has up to 3 times the advertising space. Black end caps are standard. Packed in a clear self-seal bag with assembly instructions. Screen print or full-colour print is available to suit your needs.

There’s one little secret that every print designer needs to know about postcards: with the right design, they are arguably the most effective form of print marketing for a business. People do not throw away postcards as often as they do other direct mail, and the best-looking postcards live on as collectible works of art.

When designing and printing custom postcards for your clients, always keep this “second life” in the back of your mind and strive to create something that people will want to cherish for a long time. Of course, actually obtaining design immortality is easier said than done, so we have given you a leg up by rounding up examples of our moar favorite postcard designs to give you some fresh ideas.

Our plastic file folders are the ideal answer for your advertising plans. Plastic holders are pleasing to the eye and a practical way to put in order yours product literature, conference handouts, press kits, business proposals and similar. A plastic folder may have full-colour printing on the outer sides with a glossy finishing surface and white color layer inside. The glossy finishing surface adds a high-end and durable finish for the product.

Magic sticky notes give you a rewritable surface almost anywhere. This allows you to create memos in various areas around your office that you can regularly update with the latest information. Included marker makes note making easy. Erase and rewrite as many times as you need. Made of statically charged polypropylene and will stick to any flat surface for months. Dry erase marker included.


For us, personal dialogue is an important part of working together. Together with our customers, we create high-quality print products in the field of offset printing and develop creative innovations as partners.
It is important to us that we answer your questions knowledgeably and provide you with the best service. We look forward to hearing from you!
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